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Family Owned Commercial Cleaning

Family owned commercial cleaning starts at Roses Professional Cleaning in Las Vegas. For more than 25 years, Roses has been cleaning Las Vegas condominiums, commercial offices and construction sites including model homes. With a reputation for quality, service and great pricing, Roses is the trusted name in cleaning. With the most recent events and COVID-19 pandemic, we invested in new sanitizing equipment ensuring our clients and their staff can remain safe. The following is a brief overview of our current services.

New Sanitizing Equipment
Our team works tirelessly keeping a clean workplace. With our new sanitizing equipment, we can clean an entire office and eradicate COVID-19 from any surface. Our hospital grade cleaner kills on contact in just sixty seconds. After a full spray of the area, we wipe it down completely to remove any excess spray. The result is a clean workspace that is safe for everyday use.

For a free estimate for sanitizing your office or commercial building, please call us at (702) 658-4840. Every commercial building and every jobsite is different. With a full review of your building and areas in need of cleaning, we provide a detailed quote.
Windows and Common Areas
Window cleaning is a great way to make a first impression on guests entering your building. Clean windows alert visitors and workers that the building owner and the businesses in it, really care.

Upon entering the common areas, guests and employees undoubtedly take a look around. The floors, trash cans and common area restrooms are prime location for dirt and trash to collect. With a Roses Professional Cleaning service, our porters and cleaning crew survey the area to keep it clean. We ARE family owned commercial cleaning.

Roses Professional Cleaning

Our number one goal is to be sure your guests walk into a clean area and feel welcomed. At every turn they should be greeted by clean furniture, fixtures, floors and empty waste baskets.