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Sidewalk Power Washing

Sidewalk power washing for commercial buildings helps keep walk ways looking nice. Removing debris and stains also reduces walkway hazards and grease build-up. At Roses Pro Cleaning, we handle sidewalk power washing and all commercial cleaning needs.

A sidewalk collects grease dirt, dust, pollen and other heavy pollutants as they fall to the ground. These environmental factors cand build up to cause obstructions on the pavement. With parking lots close by, pedestrian traffic brings grease directly to the sidewalk. Sometimes a barely visible layer of grease builds and a hazard appears when the pavement is wet. A comprehensive power wash clears the hazard.


When a pedestrian walkway leading into a building is stained, the building loses its general, visual appeal. Over time, the appeal for guests, customers and employees is lost as well. Using environmentally friendly solutions, our team removes major stains and restores the pavement to its original glory.

Preparing the area – Our team pre-treats the troubled area to break down the proteins in the stain. This process is the most important because we are treating the stain at its core.

Cleaning the area – Once the pre-treatment is done, we remove any large, protein spots. After that, we begin the rigorous cleaning process. Using appropriate equipment, the stain is removed.

Proper dry time – Allowing the pavement to dry is an important part to the process. A clean dry surface allows us to identify troubled areas that may need to be recleaned.

Roses Pro Cleaning

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