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Office Window Cleaning

office window cleaningOffice window cleaning

Office window cleaning is a service we offer across the Las Vegas valley. Our clients love the work we do and we love making them look good. As a team, we believe clean windows give off a great first impression. We’re ready to get started on your office window cleaning to help draw in additional customers. Call us for a free estimate.

Regular Carpet Treatments

In office settings a carpet absorbs the dirt and grime from the parking lot, common areas and bathroom floors. They are hard to keep clean when not allowed to dry properly. New carpets are made of the latest materials and more stain resistant. When treated with stain resistant materials the life of the carpet can be prolonged.

A regular old vacuum is the best way to keep a carpet clean. Daily cleaning is most effective because the vacuum picks up the surface materials before they become embedded in the fibers.

The next step is a professional carpet shampoo. This removes the deeper stains and materials trapped in the fibers. Ideally, the two work hand in hand to reduce the material that gets trapped under the carpet and into the pad or subfloor.

Tile Floor Cleaning

Daily sweeping, mopping and regular waxing is about all a good tile floor needs. With professional equipment, a tile floor can last a really long time. For tile floors, the commercial floor cleaning basics are clear. The time and effort it takes, is not that easy.

When cleaning tile floors, the less harsh the chemicals, the better it is for the floor. When a floor is new, care and maintenance is easy and sometimes the product comes with instructions. For older floors, a mild detergent, mop and mild wax should do the trick. Above all, check the labels of products to make sure the surface you’re cleaning can withstand the chemicals in use.